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Hometopia Pricing Announcement

Dear Hometopia Community,

Last week, Unity unexpectedly changed their pricing model to a pay-per-install basis, essentially making all but the biggest free-to-play Unity games unsustainable. This announcement completely blindsided us and all other indie developers using Unity. With Hometopia's Early Access launch planned for next week, the timing is particularly difficult, but we didn’t want to delay our planned September 27th release.

We had planned for Hometopia to be a free-to-play game with optional DLCs that players could choose to purchase to upgrade their experience. Unity’s new pricing model means we have to charge for the game, and we deeply regret that. This has been an impossibly difficult decision for us.

Hometopia will be priced at $19.99 during Early Access, which will begin on September 27th. The planned ‘Builders Pass’ DLC (with 1,000 new items and premium biomes) originally priced at $19.99 will now be included in the game upon initial purchase. All Builders Pass updates and additions that were planned for EA will now be automatically added into the game at no additional cost.

We will also be offering a 15% launch discount.

We are truly sorry to make this change so close to launch, but this is the only way we can bring Hometopia to you and continue to support it for years to come. Our promise to you is that we will always listen to our community, lead with transparency, and do everything in our power to deliver the best game we possibly can.

Thanks for your understanding and your continued support.

To give you an open forum to ask questions directly, we will be hosting an AMA in Hometopia's Discord at 3pm EST on Wednesday, September 20th.

Alex Ahlund




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