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Hometopia Roadmap

Hey Topians,

We're thrilled to share with you the official Hometopia Roadmap, a guide to our major plans from now until our full 1.0 launch and beyond. In this video, Hometopia’s Game Director, Carl Ahlund, walks us through the updates coming to Hometopia!

Here's a breakdown of our roadmap:

Q4 2023

  • Sandbox Mode (Nov. 8th): Unleash your creativity with unlimited budget, unlimited inventory, and the freedom to build whatever you want

  • UI/UX Improvements: Expand display options and improve/debug other features

  • Player Profile Resets: Start your game fresh from the beginning

  • Full Offline Play: Play offline in single player

  • Performance Optimizations

Q1 2024

  • UI Overhaul: A revamp with animated elements and captivating effects

  • Improved Multiplayer: Stabilized multiplayer experience and gameplay

  • Full Audio Pass: Immerse players in the world with satisfying sounds and ambient noises

  • New 3D Campaign Map: A visually revamped map with terrain updates and new job icons, aligning with Hometopia's style

  • Snapping & Grid Improvements: Perfect building precision tool

  • Localization Improvements: Enhance translations for a global audience

Q3 - Q4 2024

  • New Items

  • Expandable City: Expand the city map block by block with your own custom-designed neighborhoods

  • Communities: Create diverse urban spaces including shops, restaurants, art galleries, city parks, residential areas, hotels, and much more

  • Progression Rewards: Earn exclusive titles, profile pictures, card styles, and emotes

  • Customizable Player Card: Craft your unique player profile with unlocked content

  • Custom Keybinds: Personalize your controls for a tailored experience

Q1 2025 (1.0 Launch)

  • New Item Placement, Building, & Roofing Systems: Rework and improve how players design and build

  • Weekly Challenges: Implement various challenges including title screen image gallery of winning player builds

  • Client System Rework: Massively improve logic for traits, preferences, desired layouts and job evaluation to be more naturalistic

  • Cars & Pedestrians in Neighborhoods: Bring neighborhoods to life with bustling streets

  • Controller Support

  • Item Customization Overhaul: Dive into more intentional and customized design choices

Future Features

  • Free Roam Neighborhoods & Biomes: Explore expansive, open-ended neighborhoods and diverse biomes

  • Interactive Items: Collaborate and engage in co-op with interactive in-game items like ping pong

  • New Game Modes: Explore new neighborhoods, job types, standard items, and terrains

  • Customizable Player Avatars

  • Console Ports

  • Mac Support

We have a lot of exciting plans for Hometopia and can’t wait to deliver these features to our players! Let’s build better, together,

The Hometopia Team


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