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Sandbox Mode and Patch Notes

Hey Topians,

We're thrilled to announce a highly anticipated addition to Hometopia in Update #2 – Sandbox Mode! Get ready to unleash your creativity and take your home designs to a whole new level. In addition to Sandbox Mode, we have some other updates (including optimizations) that will be explained in detail in the patch notes below.

What is Sandbox Mode?

Sandbox Mode is an additional game mode in Hometopia that lets you design your dream homes with unlimited resources and complete creative freedom. There are no budget constraints or locked inventory items - build, decorate, and experiment to your heart's content.

Key Features:

-Unlimited Resources: Access to an endless supply of funds, materials, and furniture to bring your wildest design ideas to life.

-Build in Multiplayer: Team up with up to 4 friends to build without limitations, all in real-time collaboration.

-No Scoring: There are no client requirements in Sandbox! Your house, your rules.

-Experiment and Learn: Try out new design techniques, layouts, and decor styles without any consequences.

-Show Off Your Creativity: Participate in our creative challenges in Discord, showcase your designs, and get inspired by others in the Hometopia community.

Now, let's take a quick look at what other fixes are included in this update: