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Hometopia: A Global Sensation

Italy Loves Hometopia

CIAO! Last weekend, Hometopia Ambassador Sheila Red Daisy posted a video on TikTok about Hometopia that has 1.2 million views!


The Gaming Press Loves Hometopia

While Topians around the world are getting excited about the new gameplay, the press is starting to feel the heat, too. This week, major gaming outlets wrote about the upcoming September 27th Early Access release including PCGamesN, The Verge, and Gameranx.

“House Flipper meets The Sims 4 in this new co-op simulation game.”

“Sims, but just the building part, and make it a party.”

“You’ll get to have complete control over every aspect of the houses you make.”


Influencers Love Hometopia

Some serious simulation builders have been posting gameplay videos of Hometopia and it is seriously satisfying! Here are a few of our favorites from the past few weeks:


China Loves Hometopia

你好! Creators in China have been building in Hometopia, playing the latest version of the game, and sharing their play sessions on Bilibili! Check out this video from SimsLK taking on client jobs:


Hometopia has more than 150,000 wishlists on Steam! Add it to your wishlist today.


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