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A Deeper Look Into Hometopia’s Dynamic Job System

Hey there, Topians!

As we get closer to release, we wanted to highlight the exciting features that will be a big part of your Hometopia experience, starting with the Dynamic Job System.

Complete jobs. Earn money. Build your dream home.

At the heart of our Dynamic Job System are client work orders. As you set off on your career as a professional home builder and designer, you'll choose from a variety of tasks, from fixing up a quaint little room to designing an entire mansion. Clients have diverse traits and tastes, and some might be more quirky, or demanding, than others. Based on the client request, the size, difficulty, and payout of each job vary, keeping your renovation journey interesting and engaging, and helping you level up your homebuilding skills.

Types of Client Jobs

As your experience level in Hometopia grows, you'll unlock a variety of jobs across different neighborhoods. Here are some types of client jobs to look forward to:

  • Renovation: Redecorate an empty or dirty room.

  • Backyard Construction: Build a beautiful backyard with items like sheds or fire pits.

  • Additions: Add a new room to an existing property.

  • Landscaping: Refresh the client's yard, creating everything from playgrounds to Zen gardens.

  • Guest Houses: Construct a detached guest house in the property's yard.

  • Full Build Construction: Build a client's dream home from the ground up, deciding the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and creating additional special rooms along the way.

Each of these job types will be represented by unique icons on your map. Before you accept a job, here's a quick rundown of what you'll see:

  • Client's name

  • Job budget

  • General objective

  • Potential payment

  • Time remaining

  • Client preferences

  • Skills used: Each job will require you to flex different skills. Hone these skills, and you might just unlock some pretty cool vanity rewards.

Jobs are always changing, so you'll see a fresh batch of client needs and objectives coming in regularly.

Once you complete a job, you’ll receive payment and experience based on how much the client liked your work. You’ll then have the ability to add the job to your portfolio, where you can revisit it in the future and even show it off!

Playtest Opportunity

Interested in getting a sneak peek into the Dynamic Job System? We’ve got you covered. We’re beginning to roll out playtests to our Ambassador community, which you can apply to here.

The playtest gives you a glimpse into the full gameplay flow - tutorial, jobs, player homes, and more.

Remember, this is just the beginning. Hometopia is a world that will continue to evolve, and we're thrilled to have you with us on this journey. As we head towards the free game release, stay tuned for more updates on the Dynamic Job System and other features!

Happy Building,

The Hometopia Team


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